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Although primarily relies on service components from Lubecore. That does not mean we canot service automated lubrication systems from other brands. Try seatching on (a portion of ) the manufacturer part number; if we know it fits we have added it and when in doubt; contact us! If we do not have it, we’ll try to find it for you – Even if it is from the competition.

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New Automated Lubrication Systems Complete Systems: Delivered or Installed

Yes we also do complete systems! Contact us for a free - no obligation quote regarding delivery, installation (or service) of a new automated lubrication system. We will quote local business ourselves using new, top of the line, Lubecore Automated Lubrication systems. Other inquiries we will collaborate with your local representative in providing the best maintenance solution for your equipment.

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Olive 5mm For Injector - pack of 12 11029 Olive 5mm For Injector - pack of 12

Ferrule / Olive for 11.1XX series injector EP0 Lubecore (pack of 12)

List Price: $9.95
Our Price: $6.00 pack of 12
hand operated manual filler pump fits 5 gallon pail for EP0 automated lubrication systems pumps with 1/4"ISOB quck disconnect Hand pump filler kit - EP0 pail (red lid)

Manual filler pump for Lubecore automated lubrication systems designed for use with NLGI-EP0 lubricant.

List Price: $295.00
Our Price: $295.00
Elbow Compression 8mm Mainline X 1/4 (M) BSPT - Br Elbow Compression 8mmX1/4 BSPT -Pack of 5

Elbow Compression 8mm Mainline X 1/4 (M) BSPT - Brass
(pack of 5)

List Price: $42.50
Our Price: $31.50 Pack of 5
Element MLP MK2 0.02cc (Red) M12x1.25 Element MLP MK2 0.02cc (Red) M12x1.25

Pump element for Modular Multiline Spyder. Output is 0.02cc per stroke.

Our Price: $39.65