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Oetiker - clamped for 11.3OD hose Screw type for 11.3OD hose
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Note: not all parts as listed in this table are actively sold on this website but are available. Inquire with the sales department for details on availability, lead-time and price.

Item Clamp Screw Mat. Diam. Pipe end
20233 X SS - -
20227 X St 8mm Straight
20238 X St - -
21247 X St #4-1/4" Straight
21247-221247-2 X St #4-1/4" Straight
20228SS X SS - -
20229SS X SS 8mm Straight
20229SS2 X SS 10nn Straight
20228 X St - -
202291 X St 8mm Straight
202292 X St 6mm 90 - elbow