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Brass With Check Valve For HPH - SAE 37 JIC
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size threadMaterialItemDescription
1/4"1/8"NPTBrass22002 1/4"X 1/8 (M) NPT
4mmR1/8Zinc/Nickel20034 4mm X R1/8 (M).
4mmM6x1Zinc/Nickel200564 4mmODxM6x1 100bar
4mmM8x1Zinc/Nickel200565 4mm - M8x1.. 100 bar
5mmR1/8Brass20022 1/8 BSPT X 5mm brass
5mmM8x1Steel200485 5mm - M8x1 steel- 100 bar
5mmM6x1Steel200565mm - M6x1 Conical Male
6mmR1/8Brass20031 1/8 (M) BSPT X 6mm - Brass
6mmR1/8Zinc/Nickel200311 R1/8 - 6mm steel 315bar
6mmR1/8Steel202081/8 (M) BSPT X 6mm
6mmR1/8Steel202081 6mmODxR1/8 100bar
6mmM6x1Zinc/Nickel202082 6mmODxM6x1 100bae
6mmM8x1Zinc/Nickel202083 6mmODxM8x1 100bar
6mmM10Zinc/Nickel202085 6mmODxM10x1 100ba
8mmM10Steel202088 8mmODxM10x1 100bar
8mmR1/8Steel202089 8mmODxR1/8 100bar
8mmR1/4Brass21005 8mm X 1/4 (M) BSPT
8mmR1/4Steel211131 R1/4 - 8mm 315bar