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The Korilla Hose is a very tough flexible high pressure hose that is successfully used with Lubecore hose inserts and stainless steel crimp style clamps in the installation of automated lubrication systems. Korilla Hose is especially beneficial in areas where there is a lot of movement of the lubrication points or where hoses are exposed to such things as rocks being thrown up from the road.

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Typical Applications of Korilla Hose

A typical application is where a normal polyamide nylon tubing is not holding up or is causing a large amount of maintenance to repair or replace the lubrication system hoses. The Korilla hose / Lubecore hose insert combination saves time and money during the original installation of the lubrication system. It also allows a mechanic to make a quick and clean in the field repair to a lubrication system hose and does not require special tools or crimping equipment to do so.
Trailers and Tractors travelling on “hard pack” or gravel roads
Korilla trailer
Refuse Equipment
Korilla refuse
The Korilla hose is very flexible which makes it easy to run lines where needed.
The Korilla hose can be cut with a knife, pruning scissors or Synflex cutters
The barbed inserts are inserted either by hand or using a Lubecore Insertion tool depending on which insert is being used
The stainless steel crimp style clamps can be crimped with standard tools.

ID OD ID Pressure max. sold Filled
30254 11.3 6.3 840 bar per foot Yes
30204 11.3 6.3 840 bar per foot No
302041 11.3 6.3 840 bar 50m reel No
30250 8.6 4 840 bar per foot Yes
302501 8.6 4 840 bar 50m reel Yes
30200 8.6 4 840 bar per foot No