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UPS Saturday delivery and pick-up Get your parts sooner!

We have received information from United Parcel Service of the availability in certain areas of Saturday Ground delivery service. Now it is possible to order parts from and when in stock we can have them shipped for Monday delivery (with correct service level selected). If your company operates on Saturday, parts ordered Friday may be available for delivery on Saturday. As UPS is expanding this service and implementation is under construction, add a note to the order "deliver Saturday Ground" or "Ship Saturday". We will make every effort to get it shipped out. Contact us if you have any further questions or concerns upon placing your order. (visit for details regarding UPS Saturday delivery and surcharges). Also see our Shipping policy for more details.

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New Automated Lubrication Systems Complete Systems: Delivered or Installed

Yes we also do complete systems! Contact us for a free - no obligation quote regarding delivery, installation (or service) of a new automated lubrication system. We will quote local business ourselves using new, top of the line, Lubecore Automated Lubrication systems. Other inquiries we will collaborate with your local representative in providing the best maintenance solution for your equipment.

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Check Valve 6mm M10x1 for series progressive divider valve Check Valve 6mm Compression

Check valve 6mm for compression nut and olive
Used in progressive divider valves.

*pack of 10

Straight Push-in 1/8 (M) BSPT X 6mm-  406-423W-VS,226-13752-9.0406 2348, 2833-3100-0602 Straight Push-in 1/8 (M) BSPT X 6mm-

Straight Push-in 1/8 (M) BSPT X 6mm

Our Price: $27.50 Pack of 10
Elbow Compression 1/8 BSPT X 5mm - Brass Elbow Compression 1/8 BSPT X 5mm - Brass (Pack of 12)

Elbow Compression 1/8 BSPT X 5mm - Brass
(Pack of 12)

Female quick disconnect for lubrication pump 1/4 21024 01901 Lubecore Groeneveld Filler coupling female (quick disconnect)

female Filler coupling
Coupler Hydraulic QDC 1/4 (F) NPT X 1/4 (F) NPT - Brass

Our Price: $24.50