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8mm primary - mainline tubing for automated lubrication systems.
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Cupro Nickel Lining - 5/16 OD Cupro Nickel Lining - 5/16 OD
Our Price: $4.85 Price per foot.

Tubing of sizes 8mm, 10mm, 11.3mm and ¼”HPH (and above) is commonly used in automated lubrication systems to connect pumps to manifolds. This tubing or hose is also referred to as primary or mainline tubing / hose.

In Single line (Parallel) systems it is important to bleed out / purge the system of air (pockets) prior to entering the system (back) into service. Most single line (parallel) system are equipped with a pressure sensor and will indicate via an alarm from a timer that there is insufficient system pressure.

Primary (mainline) tubing is delivered non-filled. Please follow your systems operation and/or repair instructions upon installation of this type of tubing. for more information please you can also contact Include system brand, model and application.