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Note: Push-Lock fittings combined with steel pipe ends for Korilla or thermoplastic high pressure hose require pipe ends with grooves. For best fit use brass / Zinc-Nickel coated brass for nylon tubing.

General information regarding push to connect fittings

Material:Nickel-plated brass
Minimum pressure:
0 bar
Maximum pressure with fluids: 150 bar
Maximum pressure with air: 30 bar

Temperature: -30°C / +150°C

Threads: Tapered gas in conformity with ISO7.1, BS21, DIN2999

Metric tapered in conformity with UNI 7707

Connection Tubes: Plastic Tubes: PA6, PA66 for High Pressure
PA11, PA12, Polyethylene, Polyurethane PEF, PTFE.

Fluids: Oil, Water, Grease/Lubrication