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Service components for multiline Spyder pump
Modular Pump MKII
Service components for the Modular Multiline Spyder pump.
To differentiate between MKI and II: elements of the MKI are galvanized steel / black and the MKII are brass. All parts are interchangeable between MKI and MKII except for the ring module and elements due to the thread. M12x1 vs M12x1.25 respectively.
MLS - Mk1 (Disc)
Replacement components for the Lubecore MK1 multiline spyder ALS.
Note: Mk1: injector elements have M12 thread, MK2 injector elements have M12x1.25 thread.
MLS - 2.7 Kg res. (Disc.)
Replacement components for the multiline spyder ALS. 2.7 KG reservoir model
limited availability.