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tubing: Why is this important?
For tubing or a hose installed between a grease point and a metering valve or divider valve it is highly recommended to have the tube or hose pre-filled with grease. Automated or centralized greasing / lubrication systems work on the principle to provide small amounts of grease frequently over time. It is (independent of the model/make) normal to use (example) a valve that dispenses about 0.1 cc';s of grease per cycle. A cycle being around every 1 to 2 hours.
Secondary hose or tube with an internal diameter of 2mm uses per 1 cm approximately the same amount of grease per cycle as that valve. Meaning that for every 3-feet (90cm) of hose or tube, the grease point will NOT be serviced for approximately 90 - 180 operating hours if NOT prefilled.

The same could be concluded for not pre-charging grease points prior to the installation of an (automated) lubrication system. The system is designed to maintain an adequate level of lubricant and is not a substitute for a PDI service.