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Union (repair) coupling "push-lock" Compression unions
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Some items as listed may not be actively sold on this site. Please send a message to our sales department for availability, lead-time and price quote; indicate desired quantity and delivery-time.

Type Size Material Item

Compression 10mm Zn/Ni 210015
Compression 10mm - 2020910
Compression 3/8" brass 202466
Compression 4mm Zn/Ni 20036
Compression 5mm brass 20025
Compression 5mm Steel 200251
Compression 6mm brass 20241
Compression 6mm Steel 200361
Compression 6mm Zn/Ni20209
Compression 8mm brass 21001
Compression 8mm Zn/Ni 210012
Compression 8mm Zn/Ni 210013
Push-lock 4mm brass 202021
Push-lock 5mm brass 20008
Push-lock 6mm brass 202142

Hose splicer 8.6OD Steel 20237
Hose splicer 11.3OD Steel 20238